Tuesday, June 30, 2009

"worry-ye-not, fans of ponchos, big hats and spitting, 2009 just might be your year"

At last, a FPS game featuring Confederate deserters who head off to defend their home in Georgia and end up being chased through the greatest cliches of the Wild West. With Gatlin guns to boot.

How to summarize? This review captures the essential script: "Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood tells the story of how Ray McCall -- the bible-wielding, gun-toting psychopathic Reverend from the first game- goes from Confederate soldier to man of the cloth by way of outlaw. Beginning in the fire and brimstone of the American Civil War trenches, Ray and his younger brother Thomas desert the Southern army in order to return home and protect their family. This leaves their psychotic commander, Barnsby, desperate for blood, pursuing Thomas and Ray -- along with youngest brother, Priest William -- across the country."

It's not your father's video game. That would probably be Pong. Read all about it here.

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