Sunday, January 06, 2008

The Truth About Black Confederates

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Eric Wittenberg said...


David, I almost fell out of my chair laughing at this....

I KNEW there had to be an explanation.... :-)


Unknown said...


Now *that* is a clever and funny cartoon. Kevin had a good running discussion on this point - specifically N&S magazine - a few weeks ago:

with an "open post to Keith Poulter"

I think he was particularly flabbergasted by Tom Lowry's letter that appeared in N&S, and I hope I was able to convince him that it was made in jest...i.e., that Tom was lampooning the the "absence of evidence" theory that has been tossed around by some of the neo-Confederates.

The fact is, though, that N&S may well have brought your sat-ire (and Kevin's plaine "-ire") on themselves by allowing the debate to continue in their editorial pages.

Keep up the great work.

Jim Schmidt

Kevin said...

David, -- You made my day. Absolutely hilarious.

Kevin at Civil War Memory

dw said...

Thanks Eric -- I knew this subject would speak to you.

Jim and Kevin, yes, it was inspired in part by Kevin's post about "North and South."

It's interesting that, more than in any other venue (not counting the internet, where anything goes), the most ridiculous claims on this subject seem to be perpetuated in letters to the editor (articles and books being marginalized to SCV newsletters and Pelican Publishing).

This subject was, and for all I know may still be, a staple of the letters section of The Civil War News. Now it looks like North and South is eager to restock the letters bin.


Mannie Gentile said...

Man is that funny!


Unknown said...

Just wanted to say that that is incredible. Absolutely hilarious.


Marcos El Malo said...

Awesome genius punchline.

Brave Captain of Industry said...

Damn that was excellent.

Unknown said...

Hilarious. Well done.