Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Map Lovers Rejoice

The newly revamped website for The Civil War Preservation Trust has a beautiful, all-in-one map page, featuring their outstanding topo maps, numerous historic maps, and some really spectacular animated maps that allow you to toggle between modern aerial and topo maps (the animated Chantilly map offers a 1937 aerial view as well). Additionally, there are links to some of the best sites to find Civil War maps online, like the Virginia Historical Society.

Be sure to have a look at the animated
Cedar Creek and Belle Grove map. If you thought the damage done by the Middletown Quarry had been mitigated by earlier agreements, think again. The proposed expansion of operations there (given the green light by local government) will increase the loss of prime battlefield land exponentially.


DW@CWBA said...

Steve Stanley is an impressive mapmaker. After reading Dimitri's post yesterday, I spent about an hour looking at all the western and T-M maps, and downloading them. Some of those are at a unit scale we haven't seen before.


dw said...

Hi Drew,

I know what you mean. Getting company-level designations at Glorieta, or regimental deployments at Honey Springs, is pretty cool.

And they're just nice to look at.


scott s. said...

A quick look, and it appears the maps are only downloadable as pdf, kind of a difficult format for this. It would be better if these were done in a high compression geo-referenced format such as ECW or SID so that they could be used in GIS software, converted to Google Earth KML, etc.

TPS said...

Steve is one of the finest mapmakers working today, and he is fun to work with. He drafted the 70+ maps that appear in our new "The Complete Guide to Gettysburg" (with J.D. Petruzzi handling all the text). Steve also layed out the entire book, so if you like his maps, imagine the entire 320 pages inside in full color. It is a real work of art. Steve is also a stunningly good photographer, and many of his shots appear as well.

David, makes some of our early maps in CW Regiments look . . . a tad outdated. LOL

Be well.