Monday, September 07, 2015


An interesting short film on the restoration of the Ken Burns classic. . .

Aired: 09/06/201513:57 Rating: NR

To reach a whole new audience with the story of America's greatest crisis, and to offer those who have already seen the series a far more compelling experience, THE CIVIL WAR series has been completely restored to Ultra High Definition – 4K resolution – to bring it up to the standards current audiences demand.


TPS said...

DW, I recall watching some of these episodes with you at my house. You were so enraptured that you didn't notice Thia (our dog) nibbling on your sandwich.

Do you remember?


dw said...

Ted, I do remember watching it down at your place. I'm sure Thia saw me as an easy mark -- she got a lot more than that sandwich.


TPS said...

Heh. I remember us chasing her around with an entire loaf of bread in her mouth you brought down--the one with bits of ham. Good times.

Monday night football? What's the bet?