Thursday, July 05, 2012

Little Bighorn Battlefield, 136th anniversary

Some select photos from my recent Montana trip. These, and quite a few others (46 total) can be viewed here.
Looking down to the scene of the valley fight from Reno hill.

Water Carrier's Ravine, Reno-Benteen Defense Site, where so many earned the Medal of Honor.

Weir Point -- Last Stand Hill is at the right edge of the trees on the horizon (trees in the Nat'l Cemetery and aound the Visitor's Center)

Look west from Weir Point toward the river, and village site.

Mouth of Medicine Tail Coulee

Where Lieutenants Calhoun, front, and Crittenden fell.

Keogh Sector. Keogh fell where the cluster of markers is on the far right.

Last Stand Hill

At sunrise on the 136th anniversary.

Spirit Warriors Sculpture, Indian Memorial

Dr. Richard Fox leading a walk down Deep Ravine Trail.

Author signing: Left to right, Jeff Barnes, Paul Hedren, Neil Mangum, Richard Fox.

Many red granite warrior markers now grace the field.

Hey, it's the Georgia flag. From about 10 years ago. Hardin Reenactment.

Real Bird reenactment at near Medicine Tail Ford, Crow Reservation.

Real Bird reenactment.

Real Bird reenactment.

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