Thursday, May 03, 2012

Scuffle at California and Montgomery

I found these intriguing photos at the FoundSF wiki site, and have spent quite a lot of time since then looking for reference to these events in the San Francisco Call and other period newspapers. So far, though there's quite a lot of ink given over to local Independence Day celebrations, and daily reports of the war, I've not seen anything yet on this reported "scuffle" between pro-Union and pro-Confederate citizens. I'll keep you posted as things develop.

A scuffle between pro-Union and pro-Confederacy supporters at California and Montgomery on July 4, 1862. Nob Hill rises in background in the pre-cable car era.
Greg Gaar Collection, San Francisco, CA
Looking up California today, through the intersection with Montgomery, in San Francisco's Financial District.

Pro-Union meeting, July 4, 1861, corner of Montgomery, Post, and Market Streets. Photo: San Francisco History Center, San Francisco Public Library
The corner of Market, Montgomery, and Post today.
A rare photographic image of a nineteenth-century urban riot in progress. Sacramento Street east of Montgomery during the course of the disturbance, showing police lined up to thwart the intentions of those bent on destroying a "secesh" newspaper. Charles and Michael De Young apparently scooped up printing and typesetting equipment left in the streets in the wake of riots against Confederate-sympathizing newspapers after Lincoln's assassination, which they used to launch their newspaper The Daily Dramatic Chronicle.
Photo: Lincoln Museum, Ft. Wayne, Indiana

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