Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Google Earth Quiz Number Three

Faithful readers of this blogand I do you mean you, Lukewill recall the first two Google Earth quizes I offered up as a little diversion for you geography lovers. Quiz One can be seen here. Here are the answers to that quiz.

Quiz Two is located here (the answers for Quiz Two are found in the last of the 3 comments attached to that post). This time around I've snapped some aerial views of 13 Civil War-related buildings and one fort. In some photos, a yellow pushpin indicates the building in question. Name the structure, or the place.

The first two or three people to post all 14 correct answers either as a comment to this blog post, or as a reply in The Civil War Forum (where I am cross-posting this quiz) will receive an inexpensive back issue of a long defunct Civil War periodical. I am loathe to post much in the way of clueseven though these images are pulled out of nearly all context—because I end up making things too easy. If necessary, I'll post some easier clues later.

Refill your cup and let's get started. Click on the images to get a better view.

Image Number 1:
The first place he lived, near the confluence of a creek and a river, in the shadow of a giant yellow pushpin.

Image Number 2
Uncle John's men approached the church (in the center of this photo), and Old Jube's men treated them rudely.

Image Number 3
This pushpin points to a small and ineffective "fort."

Image Number 4
This fort was also ineffective, when push came to shove.

Image Number 5
Unchivalrous terms reluctantly accepted here.

Image Number 6
You figure it out.

Image Number 7
Either you know this one, or you don't. See pushpin at far right.

Image Number 8
Whose house was this?

Image Number 9
Whose house was this (center of photo)?

Image Number 10
Cozy cabin (bottom center) till that artillery showed up (top center).

Image Number 11
The general is Inn.

Image Number 12
See that tiny building next to the road in the center of the picture? That's all that's left.

Image Number 13
Once the center of attention, now it is eclipsed.

Image Number 14
After church, you could walk in the woods.


James F. Epperson said...

You've got to be kidding! I figured out four (2, 3, 4, 7) of them, but that's it.

dw said...

Last time I made it too easy. We'll see how things shake out this time.


dw said...

Come on Jim. Number 8? Number 9? These are gimme's.

James F. Epperson said...

#8 is obviously somewhere in DC, but that doesn't help answer the question. I figured 9 out---I didn't think it was so close to so many trees. So now my count is 5.

dw said...

Luke Lemke, in supernatural fashion, has already sent me a correct list of all 14 sites via private email.

The rest of you keep plugging away. The bird's eye view can be disorienting, but you'll get them eventually.

James F. Epperson said...

It's embarrassing,but my wife got one of them for me ...

James F. Epperson said...

As webmaster for the AACWRT, I am thinking of stealing this idea as a monthly, single question, quiz. Any objection? Due credit (with a pointer to the blog) would be given.

dw said...

Jim, that's a great idea for your Round Table. No problem at all.