Wednesday, August 08, 2007

"a wicked scramble that could have passed for a goal line stand or the attack on Little Round Top."

So said reporters at tonight, the online venue for the San Francisco Chronicle, describing people in the centerfield bleachers at AT&T Park scrambling for Barry Bonds' 756th home run ball. I'm pretty sure it's the first time I've seen a Little Round Top reference in local Giants coverage.

But is it the right analogy?

One man related that "he watched in horror as a woman got knocked over and her husband disappear[ed] into the scrum, leaving their four-year-old son to cower with his teddy bear. . . .he never found out who they were but. . .it did not appear to be the pinnacle of responsible parenting. . . . [editorial note: I have to believe the boy with the bear would one day have come to appreciate it if the old man had resurfaced with that million dollar ball].

The rest of section 144 was aghast at the spectacle of the ball scuffle. 'Fists were flying, elbows were flying, people were digging, swinging, pulling on stuff, nobody cared about anything,' said Chris Goelkel. 'It was madness.' Alan Azem of San Mateo, 'It got to the point where people pushed other people just to get on him.' 'They were pushing grandmothers to the floor,' said Susan Kitchens of Campbell."

Sounds more like a scene from the Mule Shoe at Spotsylvania.

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