Thursday, March 03, 2016

"Civil War 360" -- now available on Netflix

I missed this when it aired on the Smithsonian Channel back in 2013, but am happy to have a look now at my leisure, thanks to Netflix

According to the New York Times
 The program enlivens a routine narrative of the Civil War by stopping now and then to examine objects that played small but telling roles. A slave’s diary. A photograph of a woman and child found on a dead Union soldier at Gettysburg. The top hat Abraham Lincoln wore to Ford’s Theater. The flag of truce — actually an ordinary dish towel a Confederate captain had recently bought in Richmond — used at Appomattox.
Each episode relates a particular perspective on the war, and each has its own celebrity guide. The actress Ashley Judd opens with the Union view, the country singer Trace Adkins brings his impossibly deep voice to the Confederate angle, and the actor Dennis Haysbert is most compelling of all as he explores what the war meant to enslaved people. Each has a connection to the conflict: relatives of Ms. Judd and Mr. Adkins fought for one side or the other, and Mr. Haysbert has slaves among his ancestors.

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