Tuesday, November 11, 2014

150 Years Ago, November 11 — President Lincoln reveals mystery document

NOVEMBER 11, 1864
Cabinet meets.  President gives John Hay sealed document and asks him to open it.  Cabinet members learn contents for the first time, although they signed it on Aug. 23.  Contents pledged them to support President-elect after November election. Hay, Diary.  Atty. Gen. Bates presents several of his friends to President. E. Bates, Diary.  President discusses with J. W. Forney and F. Carroll Brewster, city solicitor of Philadelphia, case of Cozzens, charged with supplying tents to government in violation of army regulations. DLC—RTL, Forney to Lincoln, Nov. 5, 1864.  Confers with Sec. Seward on seizure of steamer “Florida” in Brazilian port. Washington Chronicle, Dec. 31.  Receives from Gen. Grant congratulations on victory at polls. Washington Star, Nov. 11.  

From Lincoln Day by Day, a Chronology, 1809-1865
(Morningside, 1991)


TPS said...

I recall this book, published by Morningside. The jacket always struck me as rather odd.

dw said...

Me too.

Chris Evans said...

Got this book recently for a great deal. What a resource, despite the odd cover.

I saw a Lincoln document on Antiques Roadshow, it had the date on it, went to look it up in this book and there it was.

It really enhances my other Lincoln books.