Saturday, June 29, 2013

When I think baseball, I think Custer bobblehead

The first 1,000 fans through the turnstile at tonight's Hagerstown, Maryland Suns game (Class A farm team for the Washington Nationals), get to take home a George Custer bobblehead. It seems a peculiar choice, but not to Hagerstown Visitor's Bureau president Thomas Riford, who calls Custer a "folk hero" in those parts. The promotion is not being well received by the staff and readers of Indian Country Today.


Chris Evans said...

Yes, but its Civil War Custer not Indian war Custer.

And I think it so strange that Custer is always treated like the Himmler of the Indian Wars.

I think people have watched 'Little Big Man' one too many times. Read the novel instead.

If there was a George Crook bobblehead there wouldn't be a peep from anyone.


Chris Evans said...

I also meant to add that they gave out Dahlgren bobbleheads a few years ago and it has pretty well been established that he was on a mission to kill Confederate leaders.

Didn't hear a peep about that one.

I find it funny that people pick and choose what to get 'mad' about.