Monday, January 23, 2012

Castle Pinkney back in (Sons of) Confederate Hands

Castle Pinkney, on Charleston Harbor, was the first U.S. fort to fall into Confederate hands, and after passing through federal and then state ownership, now belongs to the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Thanks to fellow blogger Craig Swain for correcting my previous post. Turns out the old fort changed hands again last summer for the price of $10 (which Craig reported on his blog back on June 29).

There's also an article and a video on the sale here.
The State Ports Authority has long wanted to be rid of the Castle Pinckney; selling the crumbling site to theSons of Confederate Veterans for a bargain price of $10. The SPA has owned the site, off and on, since 1958. Twice, they gave the Castle to historic societies, only to have it given back. However, both parties are optimistic about this transfer."We've been looking for a proper home for Castle Pinckney for many years," says SPA spokesmanByron Miller.

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