Friday, August 26, 2011

Yes Virginia, you can produce regular, lengthy blog entries and still find time to write a book

There are too many Civil War books to keep up with (or catch up with) these days, so one has to be fairly discerning about how to fill those precious few hours available for reading (it's hard enough to keep up with all the blogs). But even though his Facebook entries evince a startlingly pronounced and deeply disconcerting [New York] Yankee bias, I'm going to take time to read Brooks Simpson's newest work from Praeger's, "Reflections on the Civil War Era" series. Reflections should always be characterized by well-informed and well-considered opinions, and I'm confident Simpson won't disappoint on that score, whether or not you concur with his observations. 

P.S. I can see what the dust jacket designer was going for with the Grant image on top, and the Gettysburg map below, the Civil War in the East, of course, but you just know some reviewer is going to count coup by pointing out Grant wasn't at Gettysburg.

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Brooks Simpson said...

How true. Or Grant's two stars, when he was a three star in the East, or the interesting uniform trim. However, what the message really is that even while he was in the West plotting to take Vicksburg, Grant was thinking about how it would be if he came east to dissolve the stalemate of strategy exemplified at Gettysburg.