Saturday, February 21, 2009

Wabash Mashers, 1864

Conan O'Brien called this one his favorite piece from his long-running "Late Night" show, a visit to the Old Bethpage Village Restoration on Long Island where people play "old time base ball," 1864 rules. Watch as Conan talks trash with the players of the day, and makes his move on a Civil War wife whose husband is off at war.

The calendar at Old Bethpage Village lists a number of baseball games this coming June and July, for anyone interested.


Anonymous said...


I've had that Conan skit on my hard drive for several years now. The history of baseball is another side interest of mine, so this one is particularly interesting to me. Conan's "old time trash talk is absolutely hysterical!

Anonymous said...

On the off chance you are the same person with an interest in Andrew Garcia and his book Tough Trip through Paradise, I wanted to alert you to an article in this month's Montana Magazine of Western History.

If not, sorry to interrupt!

Diane Smith

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