Monday, April 10, 2006

Comments Enabled

What the hey. I've decided to diverge from the Dimitri model and allow comments on this blog. I've gotten some worthwhile feedback via email, and by way of The Civil War Forum, and thought it would be interesting to allow that kind of response to be grouped with the actual post.

Replies will be reviewed before they're published, so most of the garbage will be filtered out. But I promise to allow an occasional angry, illiterate zinger (the "cost of doing business" in Civil War circles). One of my favorite parts of the Al Franken show on Air America is the "hatemail" segment, when he reads a featured email.


Dimitri said...

Now you're in for it.

Drew W. said...

Comments seem to be predicated on what you write about, who you are, how personal you choose to make your blog, your take on controversies, etc. I hardly get any comments at all...LOL. If I didn't have a counter that tells me the number of readers has increased each month, I would think no one reads the darn thing!

dw said...

DIMITRI: warning duly noted. You're right, of course.

DREW: points well taken. I don't expect my sometimes off-beat or obscure musings to generate too many comments. It's usually not the kind of thing that inspires one to start a dialogue.

On the other hand, in my experience, any comments on slavery as root cause, along with dismissive remarks about phantom legions of black Confederates, will eventually draw counter-fire from "The South Was Right" crowd.

I read everything at your blog, and check it daily, though I rarely comment. Keep it up!