Wednesday, November 20, 2019

2020 tours: Apache Wars, Billy the Kid, Overland Campaign, Northern Plains

fellow history buffs, and Civil War compadres . . .

I'm excited to say that Gordon Rhea has signed on to guide a four-day battlefield tour next September that will generally follow the course of action in his monumental pentalogy from The Wilderness through Cold Harbor, and the initial assault at Petersburg [LSU Press].

Over the last 23 years I have facilitated group tours of a great many Civil War sites—from the well-known to the obscure—but I've never attempted the entirety of the Overland Campaign in a single outing. I have pestered Gordon literally for years, and am gratified that he did not block my email, and that his schedule eventually opened up enough to allow him to settle on some dates. 

Though each of the unspeakably bloody battles in this complex campaign warrants a multi-day tour of its own, we are crafting a meaningful and coherent itinerary to do justice to the subject over four full days (following an evening talk to set the stage).
I hope you'll consider joining us. I'll have the lodging and registration finalized by Thanksgiving, or the weekend after, with updates posted at the website and Facebook page.

This is going to be a fantastic tour. You've got plenty of time to catch up on your reading.

Here is my upcoming True West ad, with the lineup of 2020 tours. It's going to be a fun year, traipsing across Arizona on the trail of Cochise, tracking the brief life of Billy the Kid in New Mexico, a return to Last Stand Hill in Montana, and the great Grant-versus-Lee adventure in Virginia. 

Thursday, July 04, 2019

Civil War to Cold War in New Mexico tour (fall 2019)

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The Apache Wars tour (spring 2020)

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Billy the Kid and the Lincoln County War tour (summer 2020)

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War on the Northern Plains Tour (fall 2020)

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Monday, February 11, 2019

New Mexico road trip (October 2019)

CIVIL WAR to COLD WAR, New Mexico 
with Neil Mangum: October 1-6-2019
check out the full itinerary and registration info here

 I am especially excited about this one, for a number of reasons. I love New Mexico—its history, people, and landscape—and though we could spend a week devoted to any number of subjects, this military history/war theme allows us to take a comfortable loop beginning and ending in Albuquerque, while time-traveling through very distinct eras of New Mexico history. 

In one picturesque, clockwise journey we’ll take in Civil War battles from the Confederate invasion of New Mexico—Valverde, and the Battle of Glorieta Pass, with a cast of colorful characters. Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid, et. al., will feature prominently in our coverage of the Lincoln County War. Likewise, we will literally visit Ground Zero of the Cold War at the Trinity Test Site—where the United States detonated its first atomic weapon (this site is only open to the public on TWO days per year). Filling out our Cold War education will be visits to Manhattan Project National Historic Park, and the National Museum of Nuclear Science and History in Albuquerque. When we return to Albuquerque, the city's famous Balloon Fiesta will be getting underway—so come for the history, and stay for the balloons.