Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Good deals at LSU Press

LSU Press is offering 35% off all of their titles ordered through the web site from now until the end of the year. That's hard to beat, and good news for Civil War enthusiasts, given the full, rich list of Civil War titles that have come out of Baton Rouge over the years.

The discount brings many of these titles into the realm of Amazon pricing, eliminating any excuse for not buying from the Press directly. I hope people pause long enough to consider giving their business to the publisher first.

I picked up a couple of titles, including Chester Hearn's, The Capture of New Orleans, which didn't look weighty enough to me when it first came out, but which now ties in too perfectly with the upcoming Civil War Forum conference in the Big Easy. I have my eye on that the big Daniel Boone biography by Merideth Mason Brown, Frontiersman, Daniel Boone and the Making of America. Looks like a good one.

The other book I purchased yesterday was Campbell Brown's Civil War, With Ewell in the Army of Northern Virginia, edited by Terry L. Jones. I'm a little embarrassed that I have not picked this title up before. Terry supplied an excerpt of his work on Campbell Brown's memoirs in a volume of The Peninsula Campaign of 1862 (William Miller, ed.), back in the Savas Woodbury days, and it was fascinating account. I always meant to jump in to the full volume when it came out, but by then, the focus of my reading had moved on down the road.

I did, however, pay my respects to Ewell and Brown when the Civil War Forum visited Franklin and Nashville a few years ago.

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