Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Location momentarily disclosed, and closed to the public

Emerging from an undisclosed location, last month Vice President Cheney descended upon the battlefield at Kennesaw Mountain. American taxpayers all pitched in to transport the vice president to a gathering of descendants of the 21st Ohio Infantry and people pretending to be members of that historic regiment. No word yet on how many taxpayers' visits were precluded, or cut short, when the National Battlefield Park was rendered off limits to John Q. Public while Mr. Cheney and grown men dressed up like Union soldiers mingled in the park's main building.

The vice president's ancestor, Captain Samuel Fletcher Cheney of the storied 21st Ohio Volunteer Infantry, participated in W. T. Sherman's tragically ill-considered efforts to dislodge the Army of Tennessee from positions astride the mountain [stories here, and here]. Presumably, Captain Cheney did not have "other priorities" when his country called (assuming he wasn't conscripted). It's safe to say, given the beating Sherman received at Kennesaw on June 27, 1864, none among the Federal rank and file considered the years-long insurgency to be in its last throes quite yet.

Photo: "They Who Fought Here":
Kennesaw Mountain Battlefield Park Visitor Center


Terry B said...

The mounted visitor is a tradition at Kenesaw, I understand. When Mimi and I were there the first time, up on the crest, a local resident told us how her own family would ride in the park.

Interesting post.

Anne said...

Good-looking horse he has there, David. Having had two chestnuts myself, I have a weakness for them. Are all the parks getting "They fought here" type boards? We saw one at Appomattox if you remember. Regards - Anne