Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Antebellum Island

"Our 12 strangers must adapt to the altogether-unfamiliar territory of an island where the states and the people are guaranteed those rights not specifically delegated to the federal government!"

From the Nothing is Sacred Department, and the archives of The Onion, here is a handy Fake News Roundup for Civil War-related items of interest. Click on the headline for the full story.

New Alternate-Reality Series Puts 12 Strangers On Island Where South Won Civil War

LOS ANGELES—CBS executives announced Monday that they have begun filming Antebellum Island, a new "alternate reality" series in which 12 strangers compete for $1 million while isolated on an island still under Confederate rule.
December 3, 2003 Issue 39•47 News

Civil War Historians Posit 'You Had To Be There' Theory

ATLANTA—After years of conflicting approaches to interpreting the Civil War, a coalition of historians on Tuesday posited the non-specific theory that "you had to be there" to fully understand the complexities of the war. "It's not just a matter of 'Were the Southern forces as confident and dedicated as their Northern counterparts?'..."
October 23, 2002 Issue 38•39 News in Brief

Civil War Enthusiasts Burn Atlanta To Ground

ATLANTA—The city of Atlanta was destroyed and 230,000 were killed Sunday when a group of overzealous Civil War buffs marched through the Georgian capital, burning it to the ground.
October 29, 1996 Issue 30•12 News

Congolese Civil War Buff Fights In Civil War

BRAZZAVILLE, CONGO–Jean-Pierre Uyoya, a longtime Congolese Civil War enthusiast, was excited to enlist in the Congolese Liberation Movement army Monday. "I can't wait to participate in my first Civil War enactment," said Uyoya, polishing up his authentic 1999-era Uzi. "I've been a huge Cong
October 4, 2000 Issue 36•35 News in Brief

Many Civil War Reenactments, Sadly, Are Still Not Handicap Accessible

There's nothing quite like a Civil War reenactment. Dressing in the woolen uniform of the period, eating hardtack and bacon, and firing black-powder rifles, we are transported back to those darkest of hours when our nation was nearly rent asunder by armed conflict. Brother against brother. Father against son..."
September 23, 1998 Issue 34•08 Opinion

South Postpones Rising Again For Yet Another Year

HUNTSVILLE, AL—According to Dock Mullins, the South will rise again as soon as he gets his old truck fixed up.
April 12, 2000 Issue 36•13 News

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